Asset Protection and Estate Taxes for Business Owners

Unfortunately less than 1 out of 5 Business Owners we speak with have an appropriate succession or estate plan, and most of these owners will lose 50% or more of the value of their business if the plan is not amended.


Bus Value Decreases With Fed Rate Increases

All else being equal, the value of small businesses will decrease when the Federal Reserve increases interest rates. This article discusses why and how much the value of your Company will decrease upon a raise in interest rates.


When Should I Sell My Business

While working with business owners one of the issues we most often find them struggling with is “When Should I Sell My Business?”


Negotiating a Premium for the Sale of Your Business

Effectively negotiating the sale of your business requires a deep understanding of the Buyer’s operations and the value of the synergies created.


Selling Your Business to a Strategic Buyer

When selling your business to a strategic buyer, a principal objective is to capture as much of the value created by the merger synergies as possible.


Selling Your Business to a Billion Dollar Acquirer

This article discusses how you, the small business owner, can sell your business for a premium price to the $Billion Strategic Buyer.


Engaging an Investment Banker: What You Should Know

I never met an owner who wanted to pay a retainer, especially at a an industry success rate of less than 50%. How will you address this when it is time to sell your business?


Investment Banking Retainer Fees - Beware of Conflicts

Retainer fees paid to Investment Bankers are generally substantial and can compromise the transaction by introducing material conflicts of interest.


“C” Corporation Costs

During the first or second meeting with a perspective Seller we are invariably asked what the proceeds from the sale of their business will be after taxes and transaction expenses (LockeBridge specializes in selling businesses and real estate with valuations between $5M – $100M). A relatively high percentage of our perspective clients are incorporated as “C” Corporations.

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