Headquartered in Boston, LockeBridge offers an uncommon suite of investment banking advisory services to corporations executing M&A transactions between $5M-$100M.  Through our client-centric business model we eliminate conflicts of interest, while delivering seasoned expertise and unprecedented success rates, atypical of middle-market investment banking firms - all without charging a retainer fee.* (Learn more)...

Whether an outright exit, capital raise, merger or acquisition, expertise at the level offered by LockeBridge is not commonly offered by lower middle-market investment banks. Global exposure, tax efficient strategies and sophisticated transaction structuring are all common practice for clients engaged with LockeBridge.

Our clients include sellers of private and publicly owned businesses, strategic buyers, financial partners and private investment groups from around the world who are seeking uncompromising advice regarding their investment banking activities.

*Sell-Side services only. Buy-Side clients pay minimal retainers.

LockeBridge's Uncommon Service Model

What differentiates LockeBridge from other investment banking advisors is our unparalleled success rate. Prior to engaging with a client, we invest an inordinate amount of up-front diligence resources, at our own expense, in order to identify and address potential value deflators, transaction showstoppers and growth opportunities. Once identified, the deflators can be addressed via our proprietary pre-sale consulting process. After the company has been value maximized, the clients’ objective, whether it be raising capital or a liquidity event, can be achieved. The result is an unparalleled success rate, enabling LockeBridge to Secure Premium Value for the Middle Market.  (Contact LockeBridge)



LockeBridge Wins The Corporate Insider's 2017 Mid-Market Investment Bank of the Year


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